And most of it’s coming from the dirtiest source in the world, the Alberta tarsands, which is also the largest oil project in the world. About White Water, Black Gold, filmmaker, David Lavallee, says:

It began with a realization of how dramatically glaciers were changing in the Columbia Icefields of Jasper National Park, where I work as a hiking guide, and of my realization that I was connected (by a river) to one of the industries that is changing them- the Tarsands- the 2nd largest deposit of “oil’ in the world. This resource extraction industry is now one of the biggest polluters on earth, and is spiraling out of control as we speak.

Check out the trailer:

And check out David’s blog at Citizenshift.

Also related is the documentary SPOIL, which talks about the plans to build a pipeline from Alberta to the westcoast of BC (right through the Great Bear Rainforest) where supertankers will carry out millions of barrels for export.