A new contest asks the winner to be the videoblogger in residence at YVR airport.

WOULD YOU live at an airport for 80 consecutive days? CBC reports that Jaeger Mah, 29, has won the contest that asks one person to “tell the stories” of the airport. He won the contest handily, collecting over 4000 votes (more than 50% more than the closest competitor).

Check out this entry video below:

Aside from the prestige, Jaeger also receives:

  • an honorarium of $15,000 CAD
  • posh accommodation at The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel
  • three meals per day
  • complimentary mobile phone, phone minutes and data plan
  • complimentary video and editing equipment and software

Judging from Jaeger’s entry video, the possibility of cheese is high, but he seems likeable enough to build an audience to follow his antics around the airport.

Mah’s 80-day stint begins Aug. 17. Check out Live@YVR for full contest details.

What do you think? Would you want to live in an airport for 80 days?

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