I’m still trying to piece together what’s been going on in Mumbai in the last 24 hours.

Reports are confusing, but it does seem clear that militants (or gunmen, or terrorists, or insurgents – take your pick) have attacked a dozen or so targets in the city.

So far, more than 100 people, including civilians, police and militants, have died in the resulting clashes.

Most of the media coverage is focused on the Taj and the Oberoi hotels, two five-star joints that have been seized with hostages inside.

This video is dated already (the story is moving fast) but gives some sense of the chaos on the ground:

India’s largest English-language daily, The Times, has non-stop, comprehensive coverage on their website, including video and pictures.

The Globe and Mail is streaming regular audio/video updates from their all-star reporter, Stephanie Nolen, who is on the ground.

Slate’s “Today’s Papers” column has a good round-up of the Mumbai coverage in the major US newspapers.

The BBC’s news homepage is pretty well entirely devoted to covering the attacks today – it includes photos, live updates, video and more.

Do you have any useful links to keep tabs on events in Mumbai? Drop them in the comments!