The Little Art annual children’s art festival is currently underway in Lahore. This is an excellent opportunity for families to get out and get involved in student-run arts activities in the city. Several dramatic productions are being performed at different area schools. All events are public.

About The Little Art team:

We are a youth-led organization that is determined, through numerous artistic avenues, media in particular, to promote the principals and ideals of democracy, equality, civil rights, community, prosperity, higher education, religious and cultural tolerance and sustaining cultural heritage. Children and young people are our audience.

We focus on developing innovative arts education projects to engage children and young people in alternative education and learning opportunities. We work with schools, universities, organizations, media houses and networks who share the same values.

Our group comprises young professionals, carrying extensive background in arts-education, film-making, marketing and development, event management and arts. We are deeply commited to the arts, and believe that children, irrespective of their social class, gender, family background, income status or education level have an equal right to opportunities of creative expression.

All events are public, but due to the popularity of these productions it’s best to show up early in order to get seats.

See the full list of festival events and details on Facebook.

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