A new contest was just announced by the Vancouver Airport (YVR) and the Fairmont, asking a videoblogger to live at the airport for 80 days. The details:

In celebration of YVR’s 80th anniversary, we are looking for someone to live at YVR for 80 days and share the stories of the airport with the world. That’s right. Live here. Sleep here. Eat here. Shop here. For 80 consecutive days.

You will be provided with hotel accommodation, a camera and editing equipment and have access to the people, places and behind-the-scenes spaces most have never seen. Until now.

YVR is one of Vancouver and British Columbia’s most important assets. Thousands of jobs. Millions of visitors. Billions in economic impact. Your assignment will be to explore the countless stories that come from the airport. You will film the interviews and package the videos to air on the Live@YVR online channel. You’re the on-the-ground correspondent. You’re the producer, director, reporter, editor and post-production supervisor.

We want you to show us the community that works here, plays here and does business here. Who says hello and goodbye here. The stories at YVR are endless. And we want YOU to have the best window seat to them all.

Obviously, comparisons have already started between this and the 2004 Tom Hanks movie, The Terminal.

If this sounds like you, head over to Live@YVR and enter. Submissions close July 18, 2011. (The fine print: you must be a Canadian resident).

* Feature photo: Jim Crocker