If you’re like me, you spend some time wishing and hoping that your less-nomadic friends and family could catch up to you for a visit, or even join you on your travels, a little more often.

Our friends at Wend tipped us off to a web site that helps make that happen: Please Visit Me is a shockingly simply little site that lets you nudge the people in your life to, well, please visit!

Here’s how it works: input your name, email address and nearest airport, and the same info for the friend(s) you’re hoping to lure away.

Submit your info, and Please Visit Me emails your pals with the latest, cheapest airfares.

As Peter writes on the Wend blog:

It’s a fast, easy way to distract yourself from your dwindling vacation days and hold out some hope that someone from far far away will bring tales of adventure in an exotic accent. And in the time it took you to read this, wishing that someone would come by just to break up your day, you could have invited four people to visit you.


Photo by mckaysavage (Creative Commons)

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