Matador’s Discover Dominica” Photo Contest attracted over 400 talented, adventurous participants.


A big thank you to everyone who submitted their photos! Be sure to be on the lookout for our future photo contests!


Exploring Torres Del Paine, Chile

1. Anthony Lewis - "Exploring Torres Del Paine, Chile."


Devil's Golf Course

2. Annie Nelson - "At the Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley National Park. The ground is made up of crystals of pure salt from lakes that dried years ago. I tasted the ground, and sure enough, it tasted just like table salt."


White Sand Dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam

3. Julie Han - "Jumping over white sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam."


St. Paul's on Pitcairn Island

4. Karen Keeney - "St. Paul's on Pitcairn Island."


Roasting Marshmallows over a river of molten lava

5. Matt Bigelow - "America's greatest outdoor past time: roasting marshmallows over a river of molten lava."


Silliness on Yosemite

6. KWilliam Beasley - "A little silliness after hiking up from the valley floor in Yosemite."


Buckskin Gulch

7. David Tai - "Preparing to enter the cold pool, Buckskin Gulch."


Preikestolen, Norway

8. Emmy Lenevald - "Preikestolen, Norway. 604 meters down. Vertigo.


Franz Josef Glacier

9. Lara Silver - "Crawling through an ice tunnel while hiking the magnificent Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand."


Exploring the ends of the Earth

10. Chelsea Raubenheimer - "Exploring the ends of the Earth!!!"


Elephant shower

11. Vamsi Vasireddy - "What happens when your shower head is an elephant trunk? The look on our faces - priceless!!"


Fending off Komodo Dragon

12. Alex Montalvo - "A joking attempt at backwards dowsing unexpectedly yields a Komodo dragon."


Barra Velha, Brazil

13. Fabio Barbon - "That's me walking over the waters of Barra Velha, BA , Brazil."


Manatee herd

14. "With storms coming in, a manatee herd heads for open water, allowing us to swim alongside them before heading down to Paul's Reef, Florida."


Sand dunes of Rajasthan, India

15. Alex Budak - "Exploring the sand dunes of Rajasthan, India, isolated from the rest of the world, as we watched the sunset as the golden sand in the horizon gradually faded to black."


Showering in the waterfall

16. Jennifer Eden - "My boyfriend showering in the waterfall."


Hiking in Canyon Wilderness, Arizona

17. Dacey Zelman-Fahm - "My father and I hiking across a natural land bridge in Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, Arizona."


Boquette Tree Trek

18. Laurin Ensslin - "Laurin conquering the Boquette Tree Trek, the real canopy tour of Panama...hope there is cold beer at the bottom!"


Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands

19. Katie Peterman - "Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands."


Plitvice Lakes National Parks, Croatia

20. Chris Tse - "Stopping to pose while hiking in Plitvice Lakes National Parks in Croatia."


Restoule Park, Northern Ontario

21. Kurtis Hastie - "Here's a picture I took while myself and a few friends explore mother nature in the form of ice climing! Picture was taken at Restoule Park in Northern Ontario. Climb pictured is "The Snake". How much more can you get in touch with mother nature than in the form of seasonal ice climbing? She creates it, we climb it."


Hiking in Great Falls, Maryland

22. Aisha Springer - "Hiking in Great Falls, Maryland."


Acting like sheep in Wales

23. Curtis McLeod - "We took the phrase "When in Rome..." to heart. So, when in Wales, act like mountain sheep."


Montego Bay, Jamaica

24. Krishana Clark - "The sun setting over the beach in Montego Bay Jamaica! Me on the left hand side enjoying the I miss this place!!!"


Desert du Lampoul, Senegal

25. Mei-Ling McNamara - "A baptism of solitude in the Desert du Lampoul in Northeastern Senegal."