Yesterday, Donald Trump once again hinted that he might leave the GOP to run for US president as an independent.

I say, GREAT! Here’s why:

Trump will take the racist electorate with him.

Trump indulges these assholes. His leaving effectively diminishes their despicably outsized voice in the race. They’ll have no one else to cling to.

American partisanship is tearing the country apart.

Polarizing, overtly discriminatory candidates from the billionaire class (seriously, don’t even think about it Bloomberg) only exacerbate this nasty, money-fueled process we call democracy. Leave it to hack politicians, please.

Trump will no longer be a serious candidate.

The two-party US system is designed to stifle third-party opposition. Trump can still make noise and register a percent of the overall popular vote, but an independent presidential candidate has no chance winning America’s byzantine Electoral College — this is why Bernie Sanders is a “Democrat.” The only influence a third-party party candidate can have is to take away votes from Dems or Repubs (see next point).

This will substantially split the Republican vote.

And ensure a Bernie Sanders administration! What could go wrong, eh comrade?

So, go ahead, Trump, leave the GOP and maybe save America in the process.

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