Like I need yet another platform for my “online presence.”

This one, though, actually seems like it may be less navel-gazing and more socially meaningful.

The co-founder of Facebook launched Jumo earlier this week.

From the announcement on CNN:

…the inspiration behind Jumo — [was] how, after the January 12, 2010, Haiti earthquake, he [Facebook’s co-founder] saw people reaching out those in need and the incredible response of the online community.

He also saw that reactions like this are not enough. Instead of having the doing-good-at-Thanksgiving-time mentality (i.e. being galvanized by big events and holidays), people need to be involved with their causes of choice year-round. And that’s where Jumo comes in.

Jumo was designed to let users find, follow and support the causes important to them, and with 3,500 organizations on board at launch, would-be philanthropists should be able to find and follow something of interest upon joining. (For comparison’s sake — Apple’s Ping had 2,000 artists two months out of the gate.)

I just signed up and had a quick peek and look forward to exploring the site–and using it–in greater depth.

If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the link:

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