In the words of its creator, Stefan Wehrmeyer, “Mapnificent is… a tool to explore many fuzzy trips at once to see more possibilities where to live, to work or to meet up.” For users, it’s a dynamic online resource you can use to map out how far you can get to from where you are by public transportation in a period of time.

But what’s it for? If you’ve got a new job and want to live within 30 minutes of it, Mapnificent can map it out for you. Or if you and a friend want to meet for coffee, you can map out the coffee places you can both get to in fifteen minutes, per the video below. Mapnificent works for seventeen major cities in the US, plus several in western Europe, New Zealand and Australia. On the site, Stefan warns that you should use it to expand what you know about where you are, but you should stick to local planning tools to plan your actual trip. It’s a pretty interesting tool.

Watch the video that explains how it all works below:

Mapnificent from Stefan Wehrmeyer on Vimeo.

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