Foreign Policy Magazine, along with International Crisis Group, has named 16 countries as the location of “Next Year’s Wars.”

The photos chosen to accompany the piece offer slightly more variety than Foreign Policy’s 2010 “Postcards from Hell” essay (which was basically 60 photos of “man with large gun,” “burning pile of trash in street,” “sullen looking unsupervised youth”), but the gist of the article is similar. These 16 countries are presented as scary and unstable, and readers should avoid living and traveling to them at all costs.

Included in the “Next Year’s Wars” list are Mexico, Venezuela, Lebanon, Pakistan, Guatemala, Haiti and 10 other countries.

Read the full article here: Next Year’s Wars – Captions by International Crisis Group.

Do you think the countries listed are on the verge of political, economic and social collapse? Will these countries be the site of 2011’s armed conflicts? Do articles like this simply exacerbate tense political situations?

What did you think of this article?