Photo by Wm Jas (Creative Commons)

Not so long ago, travel writer Kelsey Timmerman asked himself, Where am I wearing?

Or in other words: where, exactly, do the clothes we wear every day come from?

The question led him on a trek through the garment factories of Honduras, Cambodia, Bangladesh and China; it also led to a blog, and – soon – a book.

The blog is a great source for tidbits of news and opinion on the garment industry, globalization and responsible consumerism more generally. In the newest feature, Where I’m wearing today: Adventures of an engaged consumer, Kelsey checks out the credentials of the brand he finds himself in that day – in four quick steps.

The results make for an interesting read. They also show you just how easy it can be to learn more about the brands we wear, and to act accordingly.

So go ahead: do a background check on your sweater or your jeans.

Where are you wearing today?

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