As the gas crisis goes global–protests about soaring fuel prices have erupted in Chile, Spain, and France in recent months–more people are trying to come up with creative ways to save at the pump.

In the U.S., residents of border towns are increasingly heading south for lower gas prices. We thought we’d take a look at current gas prices around the world to see just how much locals are getting crunched from Alaska to Zanzibar. Prices are shown in U.S. dollars and are per gallon:

Anchorage, Alaska: $4.43

Brazil: $3.85

China: $2.44

France: $4.30

Greece: $4.91

Hungary: $5.63

Israel: $5.52

Japan: $4.16

Lithuania: $4.72

Mexico: $2.38

Nigeria: $1.92

Portugal: $6.65

Russia: $2.68

Saudia Arabia: $0.45

Turkmenistan: $0.29

Venezuela: $0.12

Community Connection:
With prices like these, you may want to move to Turmkenistan or Venezuela. For some less extreme alternatives, though, check out Christine Gilbert’s great article about train travel, and the wildly popular primer on converting your engine to run on veggie oil, written by Bradley Whipple. For more slow travel tips, read Josh Kearns’s “5 Reasons Why Slow Travel Beats Going on Vacation.”

Photo: Jouni Lehti (creative commons)

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