Powered by Matador, and supported in part by the National Geographic Society, the Glimpse Correspondents Program provides talented writers and photographers with a $600 stipend as well as one on one editorial training and support to complete an independent journalistic work based on their experience abroad.

TWICE YEARLY we select Glimpse Correspondents to receive editorial guidance and complete long form narrative and investigative works about their travels. The past several cycles have seen a continuous increase in the level of creativity, writing skill, and professional experience of the applicants, to the point where we’ve had a great deal of difficulty making final selections.

Because of this we’ve evolved our selection criteria to include not just writing talent but the potential for making the biggest leaps in one’s individual writing / photographic progression while working with our editors. This is why we encourage writers and photographers of all skill / experience levels to apply.

Please see the Glimpse Correspondents Program for more details, and remember that the due date is this Thursday, June 30th.