Guess I’ve had my head in the sand (not surprising when it comes to me and sports)… I’d never heard of sandboarding until yesterday.

In an article in Click Mexicana Airlines’s Loop magazine, Cristina Pesqueira wrote about the increasing popularity of sandboarding, which–as you might expect–is similar to snowboarding, but in sandy terrain.

Pesqueira writes that the attractions of sandboarding for beginners are numerous compared to snowboarding, among them:

*You’re not boarding in sub-zero temps;
*The velocity achieved on a sandboard is slower than on a snowboard;
*The rider’s control of the board is better;
*You can board any time of the year;
*You don’t need as much clothing or gear: you’re good to go with goggles, a board, shorts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes.

Apparently, the sport’s been around for awhile. Check out this YouTube video of some spectacular sandboard flips:

If you’re convinced that sand’s not for you and you’d rather stick with snow, check out Dana Ranill’s recently published article, 10 Places You Can Still Go Skiing or Snowboarding in Summertime.

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