Although I can’t imagine living in Vancouver again (after spending the first 30 years of my life the city I left in 2007), it will always be a special place for me and where my roots run deepest. Captain George Vancouver sailed into the region and mapped it in the 1790s. Vancouver was incorporated as a city in 1886 when there were about 1000 people living there. Today the population of Vancouver proper is over 570,000 (over 2.1 million in the metro area).

It’s also home to the Travel Blog EXchange (TBEX) conference this year, where travel media peeps will congregate, share, and put a real face to their online identity. I’m gonna be at Vancouver TBEX ’11, along with several of my Matador cohorts. Come say hi!

Here’s a video shot on 7 May 1907. It’s taken from an electric tram running around the downtown core. The music is, um, interesting.

To check out what events are on today, visit CelebrateVancouver125.

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