Bubbly Samantha Brown

Brash Anthony Bourdain

Bold eater Andrew Zimmern…

Three travel show personalities who have become household names thanks to the Travel Channel.

But have you met Mark & Olly yet?

These are my types of TV travel show hosts– two guys (one a former British soldier– that’d be Mark–and the other, Olly, an investigative journalist)– who really try to get deep inside a place and understand it as participant-observers. This season, they’re embedding with the Machigenga, an indigenous Peruvian community.

Just one episode into the first season, the guys have already been initiated into tribal life by drinking a powerful hallucinogenic “potion.”

If you haven’t met Mark and Olly yet, it’s not too late. Check out a clip from the first episode here; then watch this behind-the-scenes sneak preview of episode 2:

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