Over the past few years, after decades of tension and on-again off-again violence, the disputed, war-torn Indian territory of Kashmir has been on a slow road to recovery and stability.

And today, the BBC reports on the latest sign that the area is finding a fresh start:

They’re skiing in Kashmir.

From the story:

There is a crowd outside the ski shop in Gulmarg where young girls and boys accompanied by their parents are all dressed for slaloming down the slopes. For the first time, local Kashmiris outnumber foreign adventure tourists here. All are enjoying a welcome respite from the years of bloodshed that have meant recreational activities such as this have not been possible.

The whole story is worth a read — the anecdotes about Kashmiri kids snowplowing for the first time just might make you choke up a little.

And hey, if you wind up powder-hunting in Kashmir, let us know how it goes!

Photo by Prabhu B (Creative Commons)

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