The Hot Mommas Project, founded in 2002 and designed to “increase self-efficacy in women and girls by providing scalable, global, free access to role models online” calls for your case study submissions to their 2010 competition.

You write about your experiences, your work, your influences and publish your case study online as part of a global library for women and girls to use as inspiration in their own lives.

Winners of our 2010 contest will be published in a leading Prentice Hall textbook and honored at an April 28th Women in Philanthropy Forum at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. In addition to the top three winners, there is a special financial literacy category sponsored by the Charles Schwab Foundation. Cases which include information on finance, financial literacy, or money management at home or work will be automatically entered into this category in addition to the general judging pool.

Many women say they started writing a case study to help other women, but in the end feel they helped themselves even more. Write your own case study and you’ll see why.

Check the Hot Mommas website for more information and important application dates.