Four have been killed in Villa Soldati, a neighborhood in the south of Buenos Aires. This horrible situation has been going on since Tuesday and is getting worse every day. President Cristina Kirchner has denied the allocation of police to the area by Mayor Macri who ordered hundreds from Villa 20 (a shanty town) out of their homes on Tuesday. Many took up residence in a nearby park.

Last night, there were no police and no arrests as residents of the area killed at least one protestor squatting in Parque Indoamericano, injured many more, and blocked traffic on Dellapiane highway and nearby streets for hours, preventing ambulances and media as well as buses and public transportation from entering the area by road. The death toll is currently four, all immigrants, and there are many allegations of racism and xenophobia as a root cause of the violence.

I personally saw residents block the street to prevent cars from leaving the area. My boyfriend and I live here. We expect more of the same tonight.

Why is Iran’s Press TV the only English speaking world news organization covering this issue?

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