Just when you thought it was safe to leave your computer.

A Palermo, Italy woman alleges that someone has stolen items from the “house” she owns and maintains on a Facebook game, “Pet Society,” a social pet simulation game where players decorate virtual houses and shop (with real money) for stylish virtual clothes for their virtual pets, describes MSNBC.

“I don’t think it matters that the flat only exists in Facebook, it is real to me and I have suffered a real loss,” said Paola Letizia, the victimized digital homeowner. She claims to have suffered a loss of around $139.

Regardless of the laughable nature of this story and the miniscule scale of Paola’s loss, it’s nonetheless interesting to consider where our possessions, laws, and ultimately everything we value might be headed in the future. Sounds like the beginning of a real-life Inception to me.