According to this BBC News article, the entirety of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) library will be made available online. JFK was America’s 35th president, and he served in office for 1000 days before he was assassinated.

JFK library director Tom Putnam said,

“The library’s total archive encompasses 48 million pages, 7,000 hours of audio recordings, 16,000 museum artifacts and 400,000 photographs.”

“Our hope is that people see him in a new light as a fully rounded person,” said Mr Putnam. “We face the challenge as many institutions do that in honoring fallen leaders, they can seem larger than life and are often mythicized.”

“He gave a speech that said the greatest enemy of truth is often not the lie but the myth,” said Mr Putnam. “By having access to this material we hope to give people a much fuller sense of him as a person.

Mr Putnam said missing from the library were materials documenting JFK’s dalliances with actress Marilyn Monroe. Also left out are materials on his assassination which is covered extensively at other institutions.

JFK was president during the Cuban missile crisis, the space race, and the start of the Vietnam war. It seems like by making public his correspondence, memos, recorded conversations etc., it will give a glimpse to decision making and thought processes that many don’t often see. It will also preserve them for the future. (Though I must be honest, my scandal-loving self wanted to see something on Marilyn Monroe.)

Access the archives already digitized here.

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