If you know Vienna or Budapest like a local because you ARE a local, then PlanetEye wants to hear from you!

PlanetEye is an online travel planning service that is heavy on gorgeous photos, great content about the world’s most exciting cities, and technologies such as geotagging.

At present, PlanetEye is seeking local experts for Vienna and Budapest. Local experts are the backbone of PlanetEye’s content generation, sharing news, reviews, and exclusive insiders’ views of the cities they know so well. Local experts are expected to share at least three blog entries a week that give travelers a look at what’s going on in their city.

And for travel writers looking to build publication experience, there’s extra good news: the local expert positions are paid!

To apply for a local expert position, visit Planet Eye, get a feel for the site, and then check out the application process. Need some insider’s tips? Shoot me an e-mail; I’m PlanetEye’s Mexico City local expert.

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