From To help prevent Baton Rouge and New Orleans from flooding, four gates of the Morganza spillway were opened on Saturday to send the water to less densely populated areas. The flooding could reach up to 20 feet in some places, with the Mississippi River crest predicted to reach the spillway in a week.

The spillway’s opening diverted water from the two major Louisiana cities — along with chemical plants and oil refineries along the Mississippi’s lower reaches — easing pressure on the levees there in the hope of avoiding potentially catastrophic floods.

That choice angers John Muse, who drove from Lafayette to Melville to help his 86-year-old father-in-law Clovis Cole move his belongs. He said officials seem to be paying more attention to the concerns of Baton Rouge and New Orleans than people who live in the basin.

“They hurt a lot of feelings by putting that water in here like they did,” he said. “What’s happening here, I’ll tell ya, it’s not fair.”

The Army Corps of Engineers has already blown up a levee in Missouri to help save larger cities.

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