…Or if you weren’t.

James Altucher’s Lifehacker post on 10 Things You Need To Do if You Were Just Fired celebrates that brief, terrifying moment of freedom that comes only after being forced out of the job you hated anyway. Newly liberated from your veal-fattening pen and reluctant to rejoin the real world? Click the link, put down the Kleenex, and walk away from the ledge.

Altucher’s advice isn’t only helpful to the sweatpants-clad unemployed. His 10 recommendations also work for the zombified work-force. Follow his tips and breathe some life back into your 9-5, re-connect with your priorities, and show some love and appreciation for the people in the trenches with you. Here’s my fav:

Gratitude. Make a list of the people you’ve worked with over the past ten years that you are grateful you worked with. Email them and tell them why you were grateful you worked with them. Ask them sincerely how they are doing. This is one of the most important things on this list.

I think I’ll work on this one tomorrow. On my lunch break, of course.

(via Lifehacker.)

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