Jeronimo Saldaña is a civil-rights activist based in Brooklyn, New York. After getting fed up with Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards Mexico he decided to create a hat with a new version of Trump’s slogan: Make America Mexico Again. The hat cleverly calls out the inaccuracy of Trump’s nostalgia by reminding him that the “great” America of the past was also a time of blatant Mexican marginalization and exploitation by the American government.

Saldaña created a GoFundMe page to raise money to make the hats. As of this morning, he’s already made over $13,000. Saldaña aims to donate the proceeds from the hat to Mijente, a Latinx and Chicanx advocacy network in the US. That way, hat purchases not only make a clever political statement, but also help support activists working on the ground against Latino discrimination.

Read the full article at NBC here.

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