Back in June, I interviewed travel and documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich who travels the world shooting personal projects and stock photos for Getty and Corbis Images.

Now Matador has learned he’s just landed a pretty sweet photography spread in the October issue of Geographical magazine, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, in addition to every travel photographer’s dream…the cover shot!

In his post, When Hard Work Pays Off, Mitchell shares the backstory that culminated to this point.

Here’s an excerpt:

In 2007, I travelled around West India along with my wife (then girlfriend) Tanya and my close Gujarati Indian friend Hardik. Our journey lasted for almost half a year.

The aim of the journey was to photograph some of the last of the traditional Rabari people – the nomadic shepherds who have roamed the area for almost an entire millennia.

Read the rest of Mitchell’s backstory here.

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