Photo: magicalworld

Eileen Smith left Santiago, Chile before the quake to set off on her New Zealand cycling trip.

Lots of Matadorians love cycling.

If you keep up with news of what Matador staffers are doing, then you’ll know that Matador Trips co-editor Carlo Alcos just returned from a multi-week cycling tour of Cuba. Photographic evidence substantiating he survived Cuba’s potholed infrastructure can be found in the Cycling Cuba photo essay over on Trips.

The other Matador staffer currently taking the road on two wheels is intern Eileen Smith, who helps manage the Matador Travel community.

Eileen set off from Santiago, Chile, where she lives, for a multi-week cycling tour of New Zealand on February 9. Along her route, she’s meeting up with MatadorU student Marie Szamborski. Follow Eileen’s trip on her blog.

Community Connection:

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