I’m fired up to announce the launch of Leigh Shulman’s Art House, a new residency / creative space from the Cloudhead Art foundation. Here’s what she had to say about it:

We’re now officially accepting artists as part of our artist residency program.

You can be any type of artist: Painters, sculptors, writers, graphic artists, video, photography, robot makers, musicians are all welcome. The residency includes room and board plus materials to create. In return, we ask you either create a piece of artwork for the house and grounds, host a workshop or give a class for the local community.

If you’re traveling or have plans to travel through Argentina and would like to be part of this artist residency program, contact Leigh Shulman at leigh@cloudhead.org with the following information.

Email address:

1. What type of art would you like to create?
2. When would you be arriving in Salta?
3. What type of materials/resources will you need for your project?
4. How many people are traveling with you?
5. A website with some kind of portfolio. (If you don’t have one but want to be part of the residency, e-mail anyway)

Looking forward to seeing how this project evolves.

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