On Friday, July 22nd at 8PM, Juanele AR will host a Matador Meetup in Buenos Aires. Get involved now and help us plan. For now, the idea is to make it a night of readings of our favorite travel writing, our own and others. There will be a drawing for a $100 peso gift certificate to Walrus Books in San Telmo.

In attendance will be David Miller, Matador’s senior editor, up from Patagonia on his way through town; and Kate Sedgwick, editor at Matador Nights, office manager at Juanele AR, and host of Second Story Buenos Aires.

If you are a travel writer or interested in becoming one, Matador Network is a great place to grow and make connections. The network’s educational program, MatadorU, is helping new writers produce and market new work every day.

On the night of the event, Juanele AR will be selling cheap drinks, the proceeds of which will go to Juanele editor Rick Powell’s cancer treatment. Juanele AR HQ is located at 1011 Montevideo.

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