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We’re thrilled to announce the roll-out of version 2.0 of Matador Travel… and we want to apologize for technical difficulties you may have encountered over the weekend.

The community site of the MatadorNetwork, Matador Travel, has just emerged from a complete overhaul that was more than a year in the making.

More user-friendly and tricked out with all kinds of bells and whistles, Matador Travel now allows community members to share photos more prominently, connect their Matador Travel updates to their Twitter account, and find and interact with other travelers and organizational members more easily.

The overhaul wasn’t without its frustrations–transferring massive amounts of data to a new server is a huge challenge. Difficulties you might have encountered with your account over the weekend include having received multiple friend requests in the email account associated with your Matador Travel profile. We’re also aware that some users didn’t notice our warning that any new posts entered over the weekend were likely to be lost.

We think we’ve ironed out the rest of the wrinkles, but if you encounter any problems or have any questions, please post them in this forum thread so we can address them right away.

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