Photos left to right of Nancy, Abbie and Neha provided by the interns.

We’re always looking for talent in our community and in our school. And we never fail to find it.

Just a couple months after the launch of Matador U, more than 200 students have enrolled in our travel writing program.

Three of those students–Abbie Mood, Nancy Harder, and Neha Puntambekar–recently joined the Matador team as editorial interns.

Their active engagement in the U and their solid writing skills drew the attention of the editors, who invited the three women to put all the skills they were learning to practice both behind the scenes and front of house across the Matador Network.

In addition to publishing their writing on Matador, Abbie, Nancy, and Neha will be working on a number of special projects related to social media and community outreach.

To learn more about these exceptional students, you can visit their blogs: Miles of Abbie, Nancy the Gnomette, and The Flying Suitcase.

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