May 15 is the deadline to apply for the next Road Warrior position.

When MatadorU travel writing alumna Megan Wood arrived in Belize as the first “Road Warrior,” she had no idea she’d be visiting both excavated and previously unexplored Mayan ruins, learning that the best way to stitch up a cut in the jungle is to attach a leaf cutter ant’s head to your wound, or drinking seaweed milkshakes.

And that was just during her first 10 days in Belize.

During the rest of her time in Belize, Megan will continue to document and share stories about the diversity of Belizean cultural groups and their practices, both on her own blog and here on Matador, as well as for other print and online publications.

MatadorU is currently accepting applications for the next Road Warrior position. If you’re interested in being considered please read the eligibility criteria and submit your application here.

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