NOT TO TOOT our own horn (OK, yes, to toot our own horn) but some of our MatadorU writing and photography students have been making some very impressive strides as of late.

In writing, for the third year in a row a MatadorU student has won the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) Emerging Writer Scholarship Award. This year it went to Hope Nardini. Previous student winners were JoAnna Haugen and Heather Carreiro. Notable as well is that Desiree Bilon, another MatadorU student, came in second place in the same category this year.

In photography news, two of our students had their entries selected as Editor’s Choice in National Geographic’s 2011 Photo Contest: Nena Lukin, with her photo titled Roma Girl and Emanuele Siracusa’s Moustache Warrior.

Congratulations to our students! For more accomplishments, check out the rest of the MatadorU Success Stories.

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