In the latest barrage of criticism aimed at the Alaskan governor, the actor shared his concerns with CBS:

How do you like them apples, Mrs. Palin?

It’s been interesting to watch (and, heck, participate in) the ratcheting up of tension and hostility in this campaign since the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

Before Palin joined the team, I think many folks on the Democratic side of things had a grudging respect for McCain. I certainly thought of him as the least dangerous of the potential Republican candidates; I especially appreciated his stance on torture, in its stark contrast to the present administration, and was pleased when he clinched the nomination.

McCain was, for a lot of people, a sort of best-case scenario for the worst-case scenario. But with the addition of Palin, a real element of fear has entered the campaign. Not just fear that Barack Obama might lose, but fear of the consequences if he does.

For people on the left side of the political divide, the stakes just got a LOT higher.

Republicans can dismiss it as sexism all they want, but I think it’s that element of fear (and fear, of course, translates easily to anger) that explains most of the attacks on Sarah Palin.

Oh, and Matt Damon, if you’re reading this: You had me at hello!