There are lots of online tools I use to get ready for trips and to stay connected with new friends once I’m back home.

I like the currency converter site,, the online world time clock, the AZ World Airports Guide, and this International Country Calling Codes site.

But while procrastinating today, I decided to look up the name of a newspaper I’d come across in Chile and wanted to read again. That’s when I stumbled upon the site Online Newspapers.

Online Newspapers is, as its name not so subtly suggests, is a listing of the world’s newspapers. Browse by continent, country, or region for local newspapers, and click on their names for a direct link to online versions. The listings are surprisingly comprehensive, though I did encounter a few broken links.

I’d be curious to see what other travelers and expats think of this site: is the listing for your favorite local paper included? Share your answer–and any other favorite online resources–in the comments below!

Photo: .leila (Flickr creative commons)

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