The Wimpole National Trust Farm is looking for 10,000 online farmers to pay £30 and become decision makers for the farm. According to the farm manager, Richard Morris, the purpose is to help people understand where their food comes from, and “…our farmers will start to understand the effects and implications of their own decisions.”

I feel like there would be more impact if the people were actually out doing the work on the farm, but it does seem to allow many more people access to “real-life” farming.

From the BBC News article:

The 1,200 acre site is home to rare breeds of sheep, cattle, poultry, horses and goats and produces meat, eggs, wheat and oil seed rape.

Subscribers will be expected to make key decisions on which crops to plant, which animals to buy and whether to put in measures such as new hedgerows to help wildlife.

They will be asked to make 12 major monthly decisions during the course of the year as well as other choices.

Go to MyFarm and sign up to be a member.

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