IT’S NOT UNCOMMON FOR AN ARTIST to dedicate their life to a craft. But it is uncommon for them to do it constantly for 25 years, with only their dog for company, in the middle of the desert. Ra Paulette, a resident of Northern New Mexico, has done just that. He digs giant, beautiful caves from the sandstone, and crafts them into peaceful homes, community centers, or resting places.

Each cave takes him years to complete, and he makes very little money off of what he does, but Paulette is happy, claiming that he has simply found the thing that he loves doing the most and is spending all of his time doing it. And the caves are incredible: he builds massive chambers with intricate and beautiful decorations, and then, when he’s done, he simply moves onto his next cave. Paulette doesn’t call himself an artist, but what he creates is perhaps the purest form of art you’ll ever see.

h/t: The Mind Unleashed.