Last year, I professed my love for the Nintendo DS (that’s ‘dual-screen’ for you non geeks).

My wife won’t let me have any of the video game consoles I used to own – if I tried to hook up an actual Playstation to the TV in the living room I would get stern looks of disapproval.

But the Nintendo DS is different. It’s small, cuddly, and can be packed on the road. It’s perfect for passing the time during long bus/plane trips. And with the touch-screen controls, the games are actually fun to play.

Anyway, long story short – I received a review copy of a new game Crosswords DS. It’s like Crosswords…only on your DS.

Here’s a little taste of the heated action:

What I like: the crazy amount of puzzles will take you 8 years to complete. It’s fun using the stylus to actually write the letter. You’re timed and graded at the end of every puzzle.

What could be better: The puzzles on Easy are just that…pretty easy. And you have to complete them to get to the higher levels. Also I’ve started to notice repetition on a fraction of the puzzles, which is probably unavoidable.

Bottom line: This little baby made my trip to Vermont a few weeks ago fly – at least until we hit the border crossing and my friend got taken in the back room for additional questioning. But that’s a different story…

Check out Crosswords DS here.

Have you played Crosswords DS? Do you even have a Nintendo DS? If not, I pity you.

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