“Our way of life,” write the Ginger Ninjas, “threatens our way of life.” For that reason, they started the Pleasant Revolution.

Who, exactly, are the Ginger Ninjas?

Well, they’re the rock-n-roll group that’s taking “roll” seriously… rolling all the way, in fact, from North San Juan, California to southern Mexico.

On bicycles.

With all their gear, including a 1000 watt PA system.

5,000 miles in all.

And what, exactly, is the Pleasant Revolution?

According to the group, it’s a philosophy of not just looking and talking about our way of life differently, but actually living differently.

And so, the Ginger Ninjas are traveling through Mexico, by bike, giving concerts along the way, playing with local musicians, and raising consciousness about sustainable living.

I think it’s pretty cool all the way around, but if it’s a little too granola for you, just check out this video for their song “Dick Cheney (Needs More Love) to confirm that these guys have a great sense of humor:

Photos: dustinj (Flickr creative commons)

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