Oftentimes when I’m planning a trip, I check up on various hotels online and wish it was easier to put them into perspective, location-wise — both in terms of their location in the city and their location in relation to each other.

Well, the internet has a funny way of creating a niche site for your every desire these days: behold, SeeYourHotel.com.

It’s a simple Google Maps-based site. You plug in your destination, and orange pins pop up marking the locations of hotels across the city; blue stars represent the destination’s landmarks and attractions, another handy feature.

Then, you can filter your search by price range or star-rating, or search for a particular hotel name.

Clicking on any given property gets you a detailed description, links to TripAdvisor reviews, pictures and the relevant Google street view, plus the option to book a room or check availability.

Ordinarily I’d have a handful of tabs open to check all these things — SeeYourHotel does it all in one, while remaining uncluttered and easy to use. I’ll definitely be back next time I’m hunting for accommodation.

Photo by Olof S (Creative Commons)

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