Photo: Julie Schwietert

We read almost 600 applications and had the unenviable task of selecting just 10 writing and photography Glimpse Correspondents for Spring 2011.

The Correspondents who will work with Glimpse editor Sarah Menkedick for the Spring cycle weren’t necessarily the applicants who had the most polished writing sample, the highest GPAs, or the most relevant work or volunteer experiences– though we do ask for all of that information and take it into consideration.

They weren’t necessarily the writers or photographers with impressive publication experience, even though applicants with credits like National Public Radio, the BBC, and Slate submitted their work for consideration.

Instead, the Correspondents all conveyed that they’re seeing the world at ground level. They’re not simply out to have an adventure; they’re responding to an urgent need to explore an idea and share it with readers.

Our 10 Correspondents are:

Jiffer Bourguignon
Iris Chung
Polly Fields
Julian Hill
Ivana Ng
Emma Parker
Lauren Quinn
Margaret Robinson
Shaina Shealy
Klara Wojtkowska

Community Connection:

You can follow Glimpse Correspondents’ stories on the Glimpse website.