Making the rounds on the Internet today is a story published by Daily Mail, which claims that the sun rose over Ilulissat, Greenland’s most westerly town, on Tuesday, surprising scientists who weren’t expecting to see the end of a month-and-a-half of winter darkness until January 13 — a full 48 hours later.

The answer most are sticking with as of right now is climate change:

The mysterious sunrise has confused scientists, although it is believed the most likely explanation is that it is down to the lower height of melting icecaps allowing the sun’s light to penetrate through earlier.

Thomas Posch, of the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna, said that a local change of the horizon was ‘by far the most obvious explanation’.

He said as the ice sinks, so to does the horizon, creating the illusion that the sun has risen early.

Other theories floating around the web include methane gas build-up or ice crystals in the atmosphere.

What do you think? Climate change, atmospheric ice, zombie apocalyse or just plain false alarm?

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