An innovative tour company is bringing visitors closer to the cutting-edge of design in London – and best of all, most of those new design trends are green!

Here’s how Insider London describes their “Cutting-Edge Green” tour:

This tour takes you straight to the most exciting and innovative sustainable retail concepts, buildings and designs that London has to offer. Travelling on foot and by public transport, we’ll show you the numerous sexy, innovative ways that sustainability can be brought to life, from gorgeous shops to futuristic architecture and inspiring communities.

Sure, the tour seems largely aimed at industry types who want to take notes for their own greenification, but if you ask me that just makes it all the more interesting.

What better way to see a new side of London than to take a tour that’s not actually for tourists?

Another Insider London tour that’s focused on sustainability? The Ethical Fashion Tour.

Photo by peter pearson (Creative Commons)