We can either wring our hands and feel helpless about the future of the planet, or we can take responsibility for our actions and get together with others who want to do the same.

You can find some of those folks at the Sustainable Living Roadshow, a caravan of environmental educators and entertainers who are on the last leg of their US tour. The roadshow, which tours from city to city in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles, kicked off during the US Democratic and Republican National Conventions with the intention of “inspiring people to… live healthier, more in tune with the earth and with each other.”

Each stop along the tour route features concerts on the roadshow’s solar stage, exhibits of art made of recycled materials, the “Green Screens Film Festival,” and lots of opportunities for conversation and connection.

While the event’s website isn’t the easiest to navigate–the list of tour dates bounces visitors to a map without much concrete information–there’s a phone number you can call to confirm the last few stops on the tour, which include UCLA on November 1-2. For more information, contact 1-888-956-5556.

Photo: Rigmarole (Flickr creative commons)

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