The prescription-free and legal variety, that is.

According to The Local, a grocery store close to Gothenburg located in western Sweden now allows customers to buy drugs from a vending machine.

Airports have been selling painkillers next to tampons and pads for decades, displayed in near-inoperable coin-only vending machines in ladies’ bathrooms. It seems the drugs you can buy from this store’s vending machine include off-the-shelf pharmaceuticals like heavy-duty cold and fever remedies.

More from The Local:

Customers just need their bank card and identity number to purchase the medicines in a move that is likely to become more popular since the laws on the purchase of prescription-free medicines were relaxed.

Customers make their choice on a touch-screen, from which they can also access advice on health problems and various products.

“This is its biggest advantage,” said store owner Eva Dennerlöv–Gunnarsson to Bohusläningen.

“We are not allowed to give advice or even answer questions about medicines because we do not have the right education, but here the customer can get the same information that they would from a pharmacist.”

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