Tripfilms. It’s the YouTube for travelers.

STARTED BY A group of friends in New York, Tripfilms currently offers viewers almost 2000 videos shot by amateurs and pros around the world. From Antarctica to Zanzibar, Tripfilms’ members take you on two to four minute culinary tours, mini-adventure treks, and homages to favorite places, both famous and obscure.

The best Tripfilms are the videos that don’t just show you a place, but take you behind the curtain to really let you experience what makes that place special. Here are some of our favorites:

“Setubal, O Que”: In the span of just 4 minutes & 50 seconds, filmmaker Antonio Aleixo takes you around Setubal, Portugal, showing you the city through the eyes of locals. Vivid color, the absence of vocal narration, and Aleixo’s creative approach evoke pride, nostalgia, humor, and frustration simultaneously.

“Dog Walkers”: Sure, you’ve read lots about Buenos Aires, but somehow Lauren Saffa manages to tell you more about daily life and the economy in this 2 minute, 39 second film about a Bs As dogwalker than any guidebook overview.

“Tea on a Train”: You’ve gotta love Matteus Frankovich for his name alone, but he’s got some pretty quirky videos, too. In this one, he prepares green tea while riding a train through Vermont.

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