Here at Matador, we work hard to put together high-quality online resources for travelers. But we’re just getting started, and we’re lucky to have a few longstanding models to look up to; Transitions Abroad is one of those models.

For more than thirty years (mostly in print, and more recently on the web), Transitions Abroad has been an invaluable source of information on long-term travel, cultural immersion, study abroad, work abroad, and more.

Transitions Abroad also runs travel writing contests, and has published and nurtured a lot of young writers who’ve gone on to great travel writing careers.

As the Mission Statement says, the goal of Transitions Abroad is to “enable travelers to actually meet the people of other countries, to learn about their culture, to speak their language, and to ‘transition’ to a new level of understanding and appreciation for our fascinating world.”

Be sure to check it out.

Community Connection: Transitions Abroad point man Gregory Hubbs is also a Matador member.