I was excited to hear from TV host and fellow horseback rider Darley Newman that her show Equitrekking has been nominated for an Emmy for the third year in a row. This year the show is nominated for “Outstanding Special Writing” for its episode in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert, Aqaba and Jerash. Equitrekking won an Emmy for Outstanding Single Camera Photography in 2009.

While browsing the list of Daytime Emmy nominees, I was surprised at how few travel shows were represented. The table of contents lists one show on the Travel Channel, but other than Equitrekking, which airs on PBS, I didn’t see any other travel-related shows. There is a special category for food shows, but not for travel shows.

Equitrekking, written by Chip Ward and Darley Newman, is up against The Ellen Degeneres Show (10 writers), Teen Kids News on Fox (3 writes) and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s The Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear (33 writers). Of course I’m rooting for Darley & Chip, a small team up against some entertainment biggies!

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