Matador members are always rolling out cool projects at home and abroad.

Today, long-time Matador member Olivia Hambrett launches the online magazine, Trespass.

Olivia, who has written on subjects as diverse as national identity and 10 activities in Europe that can make a traveler smarter, started Trespass with the same intention: to provide a forum for writers to engage diverse topics, from the admittedly glossy and superficial to the erudite and edgy.

As Liv wrote:

Trespass has been created on the premise that: Gen Y is smart, informed, engaged, aware and active; emerging writers need opportunities; we need a platform to educate, inform and entertain that doesn’t underestimate its readers; doesn’t claim not to be elitist but prove otherwise; doesn’t ooze pretension; and does acknowledge the sheer wealth of material both online and in print, and uses that to our advantage.

There are plenty of opportunities for writers and readers alike, so add this new online magazine to your daily reading list.

Photo: Dusty Wall (Flickr creative commons)

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